Over the years we have done a lot of work for television and cinema, ranging from commercials, title sequences & visual effects to complete productions.

Please browse through the selection of things we have worked on. We believe that taking a look at these is really the best way to get to know what it is we can create and our ability. As you can see we are used to working with various people on different projects. We are happy to work with bands on music videos, large companies on adverts or an animation project. You name it and we can work on it.

Our various skills cover a wide range. We work in 3D animation, 2D animation, compositing, graphic design and HD video editing. You are able to see examples of this in the work below. Please take your time looking through them and contact us if you have any issues regarding any of them. We look forward to working with you soon.

3D Animation Reel:
Samples from our most known work for TV and cinema
TV Titles & Commercials:


Web Commercial

Character design / 3d animation /

post production



3d animation with live action insert



3d animation



Enhancement on original footage and 3d animation pack shot

Ο γάμος της κόρης μου

(O gamos tis koris moy)

Title sequence

2d animation and graphic design

Η πολυκατοικία


Title sequence

2d post production with live footage

Also some 3d animation/vfx shots for transitions inside the episodes

(not in this video)



3d animation and compositing with stop motion look

Στο παρά πέντε

(Sto para pente)

Title sequence

3d animation

Υπέροχα πλάσματα

(Yperoxa plasmata)

Title sequence

2d graphic design and animation


Προς τη Νίκη

(Pros Ti Niki / On to Victory)

Award winning short film

Pre/post-production, design, visual effects, 3d & 2d animation


Music Videos:


Performed by Zoe Tiganouria.

Directed my Miltos Pilalitos

3d backgrounds and animation

3d tracking


By Nektarios Sfyrakis

Complete production services for music video